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Who we are ?

 The 20 years of experience we created World logistics in 2010 we have sea/air and track ımport/export activities in logistics sector. We have Worldwide network in all over the World. Especially to an North Africa Lıbya ,Tunıs,Alger and to all middle East parts as fcl/lcl service Project shipments warehousing roro-service fast and reliable service.


 The about us years of experience,qualities of versatitily,ınnovatıon and capabilities have joined hands to form World logistics ewith having motivation,dealication,infrastructuve human resources,adequalıty and satisfactional providing customers highly professonalized shippinh freight forwarding services.One of the aspect of our goal is innovatinh a cost efficient,reliable service throughout the World.

Having perfect partnership by the help of our Worldwide networks we believe we can achieve this by hearing demand of our valuable clients.

Besides our ultimate goal to become the leading freight forwarder solution in the vital link of the supply cahin menagement for transportation.


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The best freigts to all over the world dAily europe partial transportation 24/72 hours express service